Nail Chain Gang!
i have to be extremely honest with you
this is not very heallthy for your nails
however it is cute and is fine if this not going to be used for everyday use
maybe an event or going to a photoshoot
Step 1:
You would polish your nails traditionally
base coat then polish.
Step 2:
after nails are dry
fit chain to nail shape leave room do not take it all the way to the edge
it will snag on to things
coming from experience
having chains on my nails
cut the chain with any strong sisccors i use cuticle cutters lol
Step 3:
Glue chain to nail with instant nail.
after it is completely
apply top coat ago
very easy!

i love chains my nails below (pink & green Calgel)

You tend to see you hottest Celebrities with Chain nails :)

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