Eyeshadow on your lips?!!

Hey Ladies, I'm sure a lot of us may know this little easy DIY trick, but for those who don't here's a great insight on how to make bright colored lipgloss for those last minute situations. Just use what you have and Make It Work!!!

Ever desired for a certain lip color but they don't have it absolutely anywhere!?.. Well here it is D.I.Y Bright Colored LipGloss!

Bright color eyeshadow of your choice.

Clear lipgloss (Preferably a nice thick one)

Small container to mix and keep gloss in.

Directions: Just crush up your desired eyeshadow color, to where its really powdery. Add your clear lipgloss, mix really well and your all done!! That easy :) (Also more lipgloss you add the less bright it will be, just play around with it)

OPTIONAL*** If you have a flavored clear lipgloss, try adding a little to the mix so u have a great taste on your lips! : )

Hope You Enjoy, Have Fun and Be Creative!! ♥

Image Source: Cutoutandkeep.com

Detailed Instructions: http:// www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/amazingly-bright-colored-lip-gloss

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