It was so precious for Mac to make a collection dedicated to me i am truly a Wonder Women
just kidding, but with this collection in your make-up bag its just a little reminder that we are all a little
like wonder women in our own way

Red and Blue JUMBO matte nail polish!!!!

ME! Taking a picture by there animation wall

All four of there glosses have doe foot applicators
they are pigmented but the red gloss has the most gloss
the fuchsia and pink are my favorite out of the bunch

This is a must have Trio this is nice for highlighting contouring and blush the packaging is HUGE!!!!!


One of my favorite pieces out of the entire collection!
this is amazing im very impressed :)

Jumbo Lipstick Four shades which i feel all four are colors that exist and are repackaged
that is my honest opinion I'm sorry!
but feel free to go for the red or nude :)

JUMBO Eyeliner which is really BLACK and is a must have just because of the size :)

The Mascaras are HUGE!!!! i love the violet and the Royal blue I'm not that crazy about the green the black is a steal because of the size the brush is huge and you seldom find good quality mascaras in colors for such an economical price point

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