I share the vitamins I use with you guys all the time. 

When I went to whole foods on my last trip to replenish my cleanser I picked up some new vitamins image.jpeg

Here's the ingredient label in case you are interested 

Free Of:
Wheat, gluten, milk, artificial color, artificial flavor and artificial sweeteners.

65 people out of 89 recommend on this particular site

19.99 for 90 capsules 2 a day dosage.
Honestly i dont follow the dosage when im using other vitamins 
I take one a day.  

These vitamins are strong!!!! 
If you are interested in a hair skin and nail vitamin I recommend this one. 

I've tried various ones, I've always used biotin. 

If you experience hair growth pretty quickly you may want to go with a milder supplement. 

I'm experiencing way stronger nails. 

I cut my nails down and decided to start my stilettos from scratch again and my nails are growing back pretty quickly, 

I can do without my underarm hair growing back so fast =( 

But all and all they work great! 

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