I am obsessing over this line! I love Nars but I am also in love with art!
Andy Warhol is one of my favorites. I have indulged in many collaborations using his art work, 
i will be purchasing many things from this collection just to score the art work on the packaging.... i know sighs 

According to WWD, the collection will be released in two phases. It will hit Sephora on Oct. 1, and will then debut in department stores on Nov. 1, and each will carry a different collection. Sephora will stock a line inspired by Warhol’s Pop Art, and department stores will carry a Silver Factory-inspired collection. Both Sephora and department stores will sell a core line of 16 products, ranging from nail polish to shadow and starting at $18. When WWD asked why he wanted to do a collaboration with Andy Warhol, Nars Founder and Creative Director François Nars responded:

“Why not Andy Warhol? I have always surrounded myself with Andy’s work and even paid tribute to him in my past collections — Edie Eyeshadow, Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer, etcetera. This just seemed like the right time to do [a bigger effort]. Even more than 20 years after his death, Andy continues to be one of the most influential figures in both contemporary art and pop culture. Andy said, ‘If everybody’s not a beauty, then nobody is.’ This is the same sentiment I wanted to bring to life with Nars — a forward-thinking attitude toward beauty, and the encouragement to inspire self-expression, creativity and artistry in the women who wear it. It seemed like a natural fit to create a collection that Andy himself might have a hand in if he were alive today.”

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  1. Great art ofcourse!!! The colors are such fun, night life ready for sure.