I was in the mood to add some new pieces to my place. I find adding pieces to your home changes the mood of the apartment.

I stumbled across a cube glass side table at 35.00 it was originally 85.00. I got a vintage picture frame for about 2 dollars. We cut the center section out of the frame so there is no insert for pictures just the frame. We utilized the boarder as a table top frame. I added in a center piece for the table which was only 20.00 from century 21 home as well.

Framing magazine clippings

I found this fuchsia vintage desk for 65.00 dollars marked down from 297.00 with an additional 10 % off I utilized the draw space for makeup storage

I put a acrylic cases from crystal coco in the inside and below is the end result.

Downtown Pepper đź’‹

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