Every Tuesday you can expect to see a feature on some of my personal favorite 
Trendsetter's I draw inspiration from fashion, Art, Beauty & my peers. 
I adore effortless authentic trends. 
I have tons of Women I consider to be Muse of mine.

My first Feature is going to be on Salem! 
Who's been a favorite of mine for long time. 
Check out this blog interview:


Salem (like witch trials not like arabic, people keep asking lol)

Where you are from

Cleveland originally, but I've lived everywhere though. Atlanta,Texas..a few other places. Currently I'm in LA. 

What is your definition of beauty

Beauty can be so many different things to me personally. It can be cookie cutter perfection like Nicole Kidman or it can be dark androgyny like Omahyra Mota. I don't think there's any one distinct definition I could give beauty but if I did it would be "a complete being." Someone who unapologetically knows who and what they are from head to toe and they're comfortable enough to share it with everyone.

Who is your muse

Oh man, I can never ever decide on just one thing lol. I'd definitely say as cliche as it sounds Rihanna, I stan out for her, in my book she can do no wrong I don't care lol. Also Omahyra Mota, she's what I would consider ideal if I had a certain look, she's always been ahead of her time and still is. There's so many though ugh, Taissa Farmiga, January Jones, Kelis, Jill Scott, Solange and Desi Dollas, her style is clean and ideal overall from hair to demeanor for me personally. If I had to choose one though, definitely Taissa Farmiga, she's kind of tomboy, that's my whole persona.

Favorite music

I'm really into dubstep, I can rage to dub for hours. Overall favorite though Prince, Kid Cudi and Odd Future. I'm kind of dark so I like anything that sounds irregular and kind of twisted but overall is saying something.

If you could only leave your house with 3 beauty products what would it be

My Versace Yellow Diamond perfume, the $1 liquid liner from the beauty supply store and lashes. You can work with those things, you can smell good and at least your eyes are semi-done lol. Thats key for me

Favorite polish color

OPI Chillin Like A Villain lol.

Favorite fragrance

Versace Yellow Diamond. A friend of mine told me when I wear it it smells like the Sephora store all balled together in a good way lol. I think it smells like women and money.

What's your biggest beauty mistake

Oh god, trying to wear short hair. I cut my hair completely off once and tried to do the short look thing. It was blonde, thin and crazy looking. I just don't have the head, face shape or hair to wear that look to me personally. I felt crazy.

Beauty pet peeves you see currently

What is with the two messy buns on the head? Lol it reminds me of a dinosaur for some reason. It's like every girls' profile pic is a half cut picture of two messy buns or a full pic of two messy buns and a back bang. Sza did it, Londyn did it and it was good, I liked it, now let it ride. Also the Chief Kief style dreads with the side ponytail, leave that to Keef man.

What's your favorite facial feature

My dimples, which is ironic for two reasons. I rarely smile for pictures so people never really see them on the internet and dimples are also a muscle deformity. People are always saying "oh I wish I had dimples," and I'm like you know they're a muscle deformity right? I have em and I love em because they're different. It's kind of how everyone loves the esthetic of freckles right now, I love freckles too, but I wouldn't create fake ones. It's a slight diss to people who really have them. I love that people are embracing different things like that right now though.

Sneakers or heels

Most definitely sneakers, my feet are so flat I don't think they were made for heels. I'll wear them but they crush me. I like to buy them for the sake of collecting and looking at them. 

Biggest misconception about you

That I'm either stuck up or mean. It's crazy because you never really know what another person's real persona is outside of the internet. I'm like a people person that doesn't really like people lol. Only because I read people and situations in advance so I know whether or not someone is worth my time or effort in friendship. Once people actually know me I'm their new best friend, because I'm so silly and love to talk. There's like this big wall before you get to me but I'm receptive to most anyone initially. I'm definitely far from stuck up, I'm from Cleveland so I've always been a real one. 

What's in your make-up bag
I pretty much live by Bare Essentials and Nars. My beauty regimen kind of reflects my style too, clean with pops of color. I like to keep my look as natural as possible but still clean with a matte finish. I've been wearing Bare Essentials for years now and I always get compliments on how my make-up looks flawless or how I should do make-up for a living, I'm like thanks Bare. I use their Get Started Kit pretty regularly because it lasts and each time you get new brushes so it's the most convenient. It comes with primer,mineral veil, foundation and warmth face color. The blush is separate but I also use their brand. They give me the complete package. I'll pretty much buy any Bare Essentials kit. I also use Nars' Stromboli liquid matte foundation, its the best for people with oily skin, it's sheer and clean so you can build with it as much as you like. I usually do any lip color from Mac or Chanel, typically nudes or light pinks. The $1 liquid liner from the beauty supply store lol and Buxom lip gloss, I try to get as close to Angelina Jolie lips as possible. Since it's summer I haven't been wearing much makeup at all, I'm bare faced about 6 days out of the week.

Favorite beauty product

Mac's Loose Iridescent Powder!! I've been using this product for about 6 years now and honestly it's the one thing I could never go without and it lastssss. I had one container of it for over a year once. You can use it as a face/body bronzer, mix it with your foundation, eyeshadow or as an addition to your blush. You can really use that stuff anywhere you want. I live for it.

Favorite skin care product

Lush's Fresh Farmacy cleansing soap. For anyone with oily skin and break outs this honestly works. I've tried so many things that rarely work on my skin or work only for a couple days. This product works almost instantly and really clears your skin up. It's also super inexpensive.

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