Who doesn't want a cool lipgloss? Especially one that looks radioactive but when you put it on just reflects light and makes your lips look better?! Well, Inglot Cosmetics hit it the nail on the head with their AMC Lip Gloss!

I recently bought the AMC Lip Gloss in #543. It's kind of pink, purple, and blue but when you smooth it on your lips it just reflects a light iridescent hue. It looks quite beautiful alone or over a lipstick! It's not sticky at all, it feels moisturizing and the gloss over your lips is amazing. Yeah who knew you could get that glossy effect without the sticky factor?

Here are a few pictures:

I love it! It runs at $15.00 but it is a really nice spend! There are about 6, I'm planning on getting them all! They all have different iridescent hues, so you'll be pleasantly surprised at the effects each one has!


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