With proper care your lashes can be worn 2-3 times. The latex free adhesive applies with a precision-wand in an easy-to-see iridescent shade, then dries clear for clean results. And, it comes with a re-sealable push-top cap. Each pretty little lash box is printed with confidence-enhancing tips so you can apply like a pro. You’ve got no excuse to avoid false lashes.
Lip Junkie Collection 12 new shades!!!
this is the new lip collections

All Urban Decay brushes are cruelty-free AND vegan. Our brush “hair” is actually a super soft material made from recycled PET plastic bottles - WAY better than sacrificing cute little animals for their hair! We used recycled aluminum to craft the sleek gunmetal handles. Even the outer boxes are made from recycled egg crate material (but we dyed them black and stamped them with a sexy purple foil.)

All this means nothing if the brushes don’t perform. Here at UD, we say you can keep your karma intact without sacrificing performance. All of our brushes are professional quality and LOVED by makeup artists for their ability to lay down color smoothly. Hairs are crimped specifically for the function of each brush. Each can be used wet or dry. And, synthetic brushes mean you don’t deal with some of the pitfalls of real hair brushes, like icky bacteria or a weird animal smell when wet. You’ll also notice each of our brushes has an actual name, like “Powder” or “Blush”. (Because who knows what you’re supposed to do with Brush #32?!)

Throw away any misconceptions that a vegan palette would include ho-hum shades of drab shadows… NOT FROM US. Check out these vibrant teal and a silvery money-green eyeshadows, in addition to four rich neutrals. We’ve even included travel-sizes of Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin and 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero

-Downtown Pepper

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