CompInc Beauty Scope!!

Here is another dose of your CompInc Beauty Scope!!
Here are some looks for each Beauty Sign, Check them out and try a new look!
Check Out The Looks Below...


Aquarius water babes try blue eye make up looks

Bold Aries girls will try new makeup trends

Classic Capricorn Eye Make up and clear face look

Clean and fresh Virgo make up

Dress up gal Sagittarius Make up style

Lucky Libras are girly, try green eye shadows

Natural Taurus light makeup look

Playful Pisces enhances lips with gloss

Sexy Scorpios define hypnotic eyes and sultry lips

Show Stopper Leo gals try a dramatic make up look and go dark

Stunning Gemini Twin makeup

Sweet Cancer girls should try this feminie purple shadow on their eyes

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  1. I love this page and all the makeup styles seem to be true for each sign. Thank you for putting this up!