A while ago, I had a lame ass meeting for work at 9am -_- UGH. However, good things came from going in to work for an hour on my day off!

1. I got paid early. (YAY!)
2. I got to go shop around.

Usually on my days off, I stay home and do nothing so, it was good to shop around considering I never do so because I’m so lazy.

I went with my coworker Andrew and he took me to Sabon on 15th and 7th. We went in and I was like “oh, cute.” Then the friendly person who worked there said hello (great start =p) and asked if we were familiar with the place. I said I was not and he told me about the Sabon tradition. Basically, it’s to wash your hands with their amazing scrub. When I first went in, I didn’t want to buy anything and BOOM he sold me everything he showed me.
The scrub’s made he showed me is called Delicate Jasmine. It’s made with Dead Sea Salt and is immersed in macadamia, soya, and almond oils. The reason it’s supposed to be amazing is that the macadamia oil has an acid in it that naturally occurs in the human body, it’s bio-compatible. It works with your skin and you’re not introducing something to your skin that your body isn’t already familiar with.

I was impressed because as soon as washed my hands with it, I could tell the difference. Then he layered a Lavender Rose Body Lotion with it to compliment the sent of the Jasmine from the scrub. It’s nice and light and absorbs right into the skin!  
 As a gift (for signing up to their mailing list) I received a Kiwi Mango Olive Oil bar soap. They have a glycerin version of the soap that’s decorative but the olive oil soap is more nourishing and moisturizing for this time of the year.
After that we went to Warehouse Wine and Spirits where I got two bottles of wine cheaper than my local liquor store. We were by St. Marks so he took me to this little Japanese place where they give you 50% off the sushi and sashimi.

My other coworker had told me about a little grocery store called Sunrise Mart that’s down there and because I was in the area, I headed on over!

First of all I didn’t understand a word because I can’t read Japanese, but I managed the best I could. I ended up buying some Hello Kitty candy and some strips that go underneath the eyes. I have a BIG issue with the hydration levels underneath my eyes, that and dark circles so I decided to give it a whirl.

I did use it today and they feel nice and cool. you can leave them for 20-30 minutes or the whole night if you want intense hydration. Next week, I think I’ll leave it on overnight and see what happens! 

Sorry, no product link for these because you have to go to the actual store to get them.


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