I had a wonderful shopping experience with my client
she picked up 4 eyeshadows with a eyeshadow
quad case, along with a mascara a mascara primer,
face primer, tinted moisturizer, brow gel, liquid eyeliner, blush
and a mineral powder

must have highlighter :)

i never start any of my clients off with a pink blush if they arent make-up savvy

that can be a mistake waiting to happen.

so i prefer to start with warmer tones because they are way more easy to use

i put this quad together so she has a peachy shade for every day use and
a matte brown to contour the crease of her
a soft matte shell tone brow highlighter
and a black so she can do a smokey eye for night time
i basically set her up with the basics for
doing every day fresh face and
a clean smokey eye for work.
-Downtown Pepper.
interested in personal shopping with me
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  1. That highlighter is fanatstic and very flattering on every complexion. I love the kit you put together fo ryour client. Great Job!!!