Every now then I like to share beauty interviews of my favorites ! Back @ again I want to share what's in her make-up featuring Maui. (@_iMaui_ )

What is your definition in beauty. ?
I'm more of an internal beauty kind of girl but its what ever makes me feel timeless. It can be a simple concealer and blush to just lip gloss as long as I'm comfortable in my own skin I find beauty.

5 fun facts about yourself?

1- I loooooove make up.

2- I'm a stylist I love clothes!

3- I can do hair.

4- I love to travel.

5- I'm a book worm.

A little info about yourself

I use to model and when times where hard I had to do my own make up. So when push came to shove I would watch "how to" videos to learn how to do my own make up and then I just fell in love with the art. I am very ambitious so what ever I do I make sure its done right. I might start managing a young lady soon because I style I do hair and make up. But things aren't a definate because I'm very busy with building my image consultant firm. But what ever I do I put my all into it so anything I do I will be happy with, because I don't work for a living I work because I love it

If you would use a quote to describe yourself what would it be.
"Its not how much you do, but how much love you put into the doing that matters."
-Mother Teresa

Horrible pick up line you've heard in the past.
Are your legs tired? Cuz you've been runnin through my mind alllll day O_o

Talk about a childhood beauty mistake.
OMG brown lip liner! #thatisall O_O

What look do you feel needs to retire?
Heavy blush needs to go a warmth natural blush is always lovely but ruby red cheeks gots ta go!

What's in your make-up bag?
Mascara, concealer, cream eye liner, power, blush, lipstick, gloss eye shadow my wholeee life! Lol

If you were a lipstick color what would you be & why?
I would be beige/nude I loooove it! Its classy yet edgey just like me.

Where can people locate you for booking?

They can email me MauiTyler87@gmail.com

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