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  1. Love It
    But Quick Question,
    I Would Like To Wear Makeup On A Daily Basis But In The Past, When I Did Experiment With Make-Up , Say For Example I Wanted To Be Bare Face The Next Day, I Would Feel "ugly" Not Physically, But I Feel Like My Skin Just Didnt Look As Good, Like I Lacked A Certain Glow, Like How Can I Avoid That Dull Look On My Face, What Do You Suggest, Different Makeup Or A Updated Skin Regimen ?!

  2. To be honest anytime you go from wearing no make-up to wearing make-up and back and forth its a big transition so you should wear a good moisturizer to hydrate th skin so it doesnt look so dull the next day. you can even do a brightening primer to take down the dullness of the skin and dont apply any make-up on top of it. but skincare helps in every aspect you can search some of my skin suggestions and routines as a tool! thank you for reading xoxox Pep!