I am firm believer in using the proper tools
i also feel every women deserves to have a flawless with little work
ive been put in some sticky situations on the crowded Q train in the morning because
i didnt have time at home
So if your wondering how you can achieve this scroll back up really quick and check out the photo.
When we i think of Airbrush i think of Temptu.
So image being able to give your self a flawless face in seconds
with out spending 25 minutes trying to assemble your airbrush gun
for less than what you pay for one application from a pro
you can have this system @ home with you.
For Just 225.00 us You can have a flawless very day our make-up should be a secret and this is a easy way to achieve that look."But Pepper how do i figure out my shade?" &" im not good with putting together machines?"

Its is as Easy Just Poping in the Pod You see above.
no assembling and part to the system
it is a at home system with less head ache :)
You cant customize foundations
but they have a amazing shade range for any skin tone.
They also have blushes and highlights
i like to apply the blushes and highlighters as eye shadows
Foundation Pod 55.00
Blush Pod 30.00
Highlighter Pod 35.00
"But Pepper I Don't Want to Carry this to work with me how do i touch up?

They Have Touch-ups that you can pop right inside of your purse
for any women on the go!
The System & pods are completely sanitary ready for use..
i purchased mines
i will be doing tutorials soon for you guys soon !!! :)
Signed Downtown Pepsi

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