AMAZING in a Capitals is how that vacation was. I think you never really notice how hard you work until your really far away from home away from. Sittin on a island with black sand and some nice warm water with rocks at the bottom … This Trip made me appreciate every ounce of what I have as well as it being a eye opener because I have things but I can definitely strive for more. The so much to obtain in life why not strive for everything. The Sky is YOUR LIMIT, shit the stars, clouds, mars and everything that’s not in hand reach is mines.

Well back in to my vacation. I got to visit Puerto Rico, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Kitts. I got to eat fresh fruit, it always seemed easy going to a local fruit stand in N.Y picking out not so fresh fruit paying for it and eating. Imagine how easy it is walking out of your front door walking up to tree eating fresh fruit for free or charging a tourist like me to eat your mango :) . I ate lots of fish, I have a natural regimen basically but this trip even encourage to have exemplify that. The beautiful beaches lots of pina colodas and rum punches everywhere. Waking up to fresh towels, Sun Shining through the cruise ship window, no worries about how many hours are left to my shift is up, or how expensive lunch is working in time square. Seeing my bf for 7 days straight without worries, Escaping out ridiculously busy schedules wasn’t bad at all , I guess reality is sinking in as im typing this on my flight back to busy Brooklyn.

What I took away from this trip was I work hard for good reason.. People aren’t as privilege to have what I have. There so much opportunities. I can walk right outside my door and catch a train to any part of my city do anything verses walking 2 miles to pick fruit or wash. Sounds Pretty Privileged to me. What I also take away is if I work really hard I can have my trains and the bright lights & I can have a creek and my backyard a tree to pick mangos out front and the only service my cell phone picks up is Digi-Cell when I wanna get away from the brushes a second.

One thing I was really Fascinated by was the beauty Salons. My Professions

Lives everywhere weather it’s a braiding chair in front a boat or a beauty salon downstairs in someone’s home Women wanna feel better every where and it just touch my heart looking at them in some warm fuzzy kind of way.

Signed Downtown Pepper!

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