So every Morning when i wake up & choose wardrobe
i lay everything out....down to the my draws
i get a better visual like that
i decided to write this blog because i never really elaborate much on fashion
and it is a major part of my life as a artist
i call myself a artist because i don't only do make-up i wardrobe style & bring life too images through my creativity
i am often asked what type of style, i have
i honestly do know?
because i wake-up and put on whatever makes me happy
or i come up with a random idea and test it out
what i do know is that is i like things that are chic..
i like things that look vintage.
i don't like to follow whats in style for very moment.
i just shop piece by piece and it happens to work
i like collecting pieces that dont go out of style
i like having a one on one connection with every item i own
so its so hard for me to throw out clothing??

(My favorite Earring)
My niche is accessories i love to collect them
Bags wallets earrings bracelets whatever.
i dont just buy anything, i only buy things im in love with

(my 22nd Birthday shoe)
Shoes arent a cheap thrill
but its like i pick them out for occasion and once there worn
i dont love them as much
but later on down the line i fall back in love with them..

I like to collect things
that in my heart will forever have value
or take me back to a place i vacationed
or chapter in my life
i wake up everyday and i pick out clothes
i think about what moment i wanna relive
Signed Downtown Pepper!!!

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  1. Luv your style, HOT shoes, and the earrings very vintage!!!!!

  2. Your studded denim jacket = TO DIE FOR!!