We want to hit everyone we possibly can so I'm including the guys! Here are a couple of skincare tips!

  • Did you know that men have 15% oilier skin than women? Generally they also have larger pores than women, all this means is that men are more prone to getting their pores clogged. It is very important to wash your face! DAILY! TWICE A DAY! It absolutely DOES NOT matter if you're a man or a woman. Get deep cleaning cleansers to extract the toxins inside your pores. No one wants a rough looking face, so it doesn't hurt to try cleansing regularly!

  • Tone your skin! As a man, you have larger pores, oilier skin, so you're going to attract a lot more environmental debris and pollutants than a woman. Toning your skin helps maintain the pH balance of your skin it also helps to shrink the pores and avoid ingrown hairs.

  • I also recommend exfoliation. Exfoliating helps promote naturally beautiful, glowing skin. It sloughs off the dead skin cells that are having trouble coming off your face. It helps promote cell turnover as well.

  • MOISTURIZE! Your skin cells need to be hydrated! Use a moisturizer with no alcohol or fragrance, as this can irritate the skin and create more issues. Make your moisturizer has SPF in it to avoid damage from the sun.

  • No one's telling you guys to go buy lip gloss but it doesn't hurt to have nice, smooth, supple, succulent lips! Invest in a lip balm! Jack Black has a lip balm with SPF in it for you gents.
These really aren't hard to follow and believe me they're well worth it in the end, a little goes a long way.


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