i honestly try to practice whatever i preach!
but ive been so busy the past few days
that i ve been using a sponge for 3 days,
i now have a pimple reaching the surface of my skin
i have flawless skin no blemishes AT ALL
and when i do break out its because of that time of the month
and it will be one only :(

sponges are horrible and i really encourage my viewers not to use sponges!
all the time.
you are adding so much junk and bacteria to your face
you use the sponge one time, then you wake up the next morning and put the same
dirty sponge on a clean face and repeat the process until you throw it out
sponges arent your friend lol
and im writting this because 3 day of me not practicing what i preach i have a small break out
i am writting this to encourage you ladies
who use sponges as there everyday routine
throw them out to avoid break outs
that maybe a big cause of it

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