I'm taking the time out to write this blog
im really impressed by peers
we are the youngest in charge! #POW
in my close circle i have a photographer, designer, Model/painter
i really love the fact that we are young Black/Hispanic
& successful! following our dreams & making our mark in the world!!
Not to sound corny we really are the future
We are all self-made we put our own money into our dreams

"Jus The Camera Man"

Some of you know him as Mr. Clubsrus.net
i know him as justin/raceflaGg
All though there are many photographers in his age bracket
He seems to be a crowd favorite
if there is a popin event please dont be surprised if you see him standing on someones couch clicking away!

he has captures pictures of some of your favorite celebs
Fabolous, Rick Ross, Nipsey Hussel, Foxy Brown, Red Cafe, Slim from 112 & the list goes on

Not to mention hes getting super busy with the editorial
From the club scene to baby showers & Editorial hes jus the camera man
check him out

"Sheena Baii"

To you, you might know her as Sheena Cole! or Should I say Ms. Baii!
to me shes sissy lol

She is super duper creative, & to me beyond just designer
she designs accessories such as bags headbands & more

Anything she puts her mind too she just accomplishes
She is hella business savvy with adds more icing on cake!

She cant put anything together not just accessories
which would explain why shes beyond a designer shes an artist like myself

i would like to spotlight her and ask all my viewers to check out her website!

Oh yeah dont be shy to purchase lol

"Model Eujenya"

You may know her as "Model Eujenya"
To me shes good ol Meddy lol

Now a days even the mail man is a model,
but what sets her aside from the new-bee's
is shes a veteran through her countless amount of editorial shoots
& her years of hard work, she is a True Model!
Besides her huge amount of professionalism she needs no direction only directs lol

Eujenya was the model director of the Welcome To My Life Make-Up showcase ft Tru identity
She did an outstanding job coaching models!
With her bubbly personality any photographer or make-up artist would be please to work with her

Eujenya Current hobby is Painting!
Check out her life! fro & bow logo tee's are available for purchase

A for me you know what im up too lol
-Downtown Pepper

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  1. Tears....i love this post and everybody in it especially the writer ;)