Here they are! They're waterproof, creamy, very pigmented, and I LOVE the smudge brush at the end. They're reminiscent of Urban Decay 24/7 liners but they're a tad bit creamier and have the smudge brush like I mentioned before to create a smoky eye!

Here are the swatches, don't forget to click on the picture to see it bigger.

The reason I decided to show this bronzer was because it made me laugh. The tagline is "Don't be afraid to contour the fuck out of your face." I AGREE! It's summer, everyone wants to be bronzy, glowy. Bronzer can reshape your face if you want more cheekbones or if you want your nose to appear slimmer. So go ahead contour.

Here is the Shady bronzer swatch. I didn't think it was extremely dark, it does have some shimmer and it has a little brush you can apply it with.


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