So as we're gearing in towards summer, our favorite brands have started to introduce their new products! You all know how big of an eyeliner fanatic I am and how favorable I am of Stila Smudge Pots! Well guess what?! Stila has come out with SMUDGE STICKS! What I was told about them was that they're like Smudge Pots in stick form! Uhm...can you say, SOLD? 

Here are the swatches. As you can see, they're bold, vibrant colors.

How smudge-proof are they? That's a fair question considering they're claiming to be waterproof and all, well I did a little test. See these nice fresh swatches on the left? Well I rubbed them for a minute to see how long they would last and here are the results:

That's a minute after rubbing. Not bad, not bad at all. The black spread a little but I'm surprised it didn't spread as much as the Peacock Smudge Stick moved. So for me that's a MUST buy.

Also new from Stila are their One Step Primecolor. Recently, Stila launched their One Step Makeup, it has your primer, concealer, foundation, and powder ALL IN ONE. Well, their One Step Primecolor follows in the One Step Makeup's footsteps. One Step Primecolor has your primer, eyeshadow, lip color, cheek color, and bronzer all in ONE. That's a lot in there. This is fantastic because for summer all you're gonna have to use is this one little thing that's gonna take care of your entire face. Also, it's long lasting, so you won't have to keep touching up. Ready for swatches? Here they are:

So there you have it! Brand Spankin' New Products from Stila!


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  1. Great review the pictures with swatches are really helpful. Cannot wait to get these in Europe.

    Jayne xx