These are Givenchy's Mini Prisme Eyeshadows for this Summer! If you didn't know already or were hiding underneath a rock, this summer's it color is BLUE. Pops of color are everywhere but especially pops of azul! So of course Givenchy has a blue and a beautiful gold. What I especially love about these colors are the intricate designs! They're just beautiful to look at.

What's summer without a bronzer? Givenchy calls these "face powders" but we all know they're bronzers, Givenchy's just a fancy brand. These are beautiful, again, I'm a sucker for beautiful designs. Here you have a flower with hints of pink and a splash of gold in the center for that little bit of shimmer on your face. Island sun is a little lighter than than island tan, so go with the one that's right for you.

Here are the swatches, again click on the picture to make it bigger. One more thing about this picture is that Island Sand is actually Island Tan! Sorry about that! Honest mistake!

Here is Givenchy's innovative mascara in waterproof AND blue! I'm not exactly sure if the black and brown Phenomeneye Mascaras come in waterproof formulas but stayed tuned and I will find out for you. I do know that regularly they're smudgeproof and water resistant not waterproof! Anywho if you want a blue mascara and you want it to be waterproof Givenchy has got what you need!


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