Over the Weekend i have the opportunity to do make-up
For the "what up baii" music video!
i enjoyed it, because i was in BROOKLYN my home!
i love things that involve my borough!
& im really diggin this movement baii lol

Me & @truidenitity :P

It is essential for men to get make-up for videos and photo shoots
im not talking lip gloss and blush!
but its good because it gives the guys a more polished appearance
When apply make-up for men it seems easy!
but i do majority of prepping
i use a mattifyer from givenchy
i of course do a skin prepping
i do a nice coat of matte foundation to even the skin tone
then i set it with the HD setting powder :)
"it doesnt look girly"

this is one of my favorite pictures !!!

Shout to my favorite photographer Jc

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  1. congrats.. that's a great look! you look amazing!

  2. What is the purple lipstick ur wearing??