Over the weekend, my friend & i dropped by the funky fanny booth in bishop lochlin's feild
on our way to shop in williamsburg.
i vintage shop alot
im always looking for new finds.
i took home 3 great shirts for only 5 dollars each
im such a sucker for oversized sweaters
*Grabs Chest*
they give me a warm feeling to my heart

i was impressed most by the prices
i shop vintage anytime i travel out of state and one thing
i can say is new york is the most over priced place when
thrift shopping.
but i definetly and satisfied with my purchased
i really felt the selection was unique & feasible
and im pretty sure you will too
Funky fanny's
has pop shops in the city at fairs from time to time
but in the mean while check out there website

-Downtown Pepper

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