I've been a huge fan of Nyx Cosmetics for a long time! I love the pigment of the shadows, liners, blushes, and bronzers. I love the texture of the lipsticks and lipgloss and of course the range of colors! 

Nyx Cosmetics is a young company that was founded by Toni Ko in 1999. Her goal was to deliver quality products for affordable prices and believe me this is clear today, 11 years later! You can find Nyx products online on their website: click here. You'll find all their products there! You can also find some products on Cherry Culture, a lot of the Nyx items are on sale, so if I were you, I would take advantage! You might also be able to find some Nyx products at your local beauty supply store, so take a look around in your neighborhood!

Here are a couple of items I bought today:

These Glitter Mania viles I got for $1.49 each. I got them because I needed cosmetic grade glitter that is safe to use around the eyes! Some glitters are made with diamond powder and they can scratch your cornea! Usually those kind of glitter powders are intended for the body and not for the face! These, however, you can use on your eye!

I like these pencils because they serve nice as a base to eyeshadows. You can use the white one to make your shadows more vibrant and the black one to make them darker, great for a smokey eye. 

These are their slimmer pencils, I like that they're versatile and can be used as eyeliner and as an eyebrow gel. I might not want to use a white for my brows, but hey, Halloween's coming up! 

These are the swatches for the pencils! Black Bean and Milk are the Jumbo Pencil swatches and White 906 and pearl white 918 are the Eye/Eyebrow Pencil Swatches!

Nyx Cosmetics goes to show you that makeup doesn't necessarily have to leave you broke to have quality products! Don't forget to show your local beauty supply stores some love, you'll be surprised by what you might find!



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