I'm finally starting to get it together as an artist and got a trunk to put in my makeup for my jobs outside of work! Here are a couple of things in my kit that I feel like I need and can't be without!

These here are my TOOLS! I can't live without them!

One of my newer additions-the Z Palette! I love it because I can depot my shadows (which you can see I did) and carry just one convenient little palette with all the colors I might need for a job!

If you're wondering how it works, well this is how. The Z Palette has a magnetic bottom so that you can place your pans into it! No fuss!

This is me placing some shadows from my Cargo book that I would have never carried around if I hadn't found the Z Palette.

This is a MUST HAVE in my kit. These are Inglot's Waterproof and Smudgeproof liner! This one is taupe colored, a lighter brown with hints of grey. Perfect for weddings because there are always tears!

This one here I had to buy for myself and for my kit. This is the black AMC Eyeliner Gel. If you already didn't know I am a HUGE EYELINER GEL freak and no Eyeliner Gel Freak's kit and personal collection is complete without a black liner!

Here is my favorite liner outside the box!

I bought this specifically for a wedding but recently I tried it on myself and it works! I didn't need to touch up or anything, my makeup was set and lasted all of my workday!


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