Its is absolutely no secret that im a eyeliner whore!
Dont judge me.
we all have our guilty pleasures
i will move from eyeliner to eyeliner
my current favorites are
the makeup forever Kohl liner
NOT Aqua eyes please dont confuse the two!
Givenchy Kohl pencil in black
Gurelain's liquid liner
& mac rapid Liner.

I purchased the new liner from mac
i love the rapid liner which is also from mac but the color isnt intense enough for me
and if you are looking for a dark black flexiable liner this is not your guy
this is ideal for someone who is just starting and needs help with controlling the liner is looking for a liquid and doesnt line the inner rim!
if your looking for something slick black and shiny
with lots of flexibility and arent afraid of the slick look heres your guy!

Next Stop..

i picked up the new Pro Longwear Concealer
those of you who read along to the blog
know i am not a advocate of mac's
complexions products but
theres no denying there concealers.
i am a faith full cover user (make-up)!
but sometimes i like to carry something more
feasible in price in my make-up to touch up with
Hey im human !

i will be posting pictures of my self up with it
what i can tell you so far
is it gives lots of coverage DOESNT Crease.
wears long and is very light weight
lets see how it reflects in photographs!!!

what concealer are you using?

-Downtown Pepper!

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