Cruella Matte Lipstick crayon Nars
Russian Red! MAC
I truly Believe every women can pull off red lips.
it takes comfort to wear red. but dont be fooled every women can wear red without looking old or trashy. those are the two most common words associated with red lipstick

note: if you havent ever worn a red lipstick when you try it the first 9 times out of 10 you will not like it. Bright side is thats normal :)

I am a fan of matte red!
if you have a fuller lip shape. its best to go with a matte lip color
especially red! gloss creates a full lip
which is ideal for a smaller lip so a glossy red is def
a better alternative for a smaller lip.

my trick to have the perfect lip shape
Shh!!! dont tell
I take a highlighter on my lips first and then
apply lipstick
my stick always looks perfect that way!

They say primer doesnt matter.
anytime i apply primer on a clients lip as well as my own
you can truly see the difference
and the lip looks more polished and structured
and if you have lines in your lips
the primer is def a great way to camouflage them!

Step out the box!
every women should have some type of red in her cosmetic possession
it can be classic chic funky and tasteful
all in one you just pick your look :)

-Downtown Pepper

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  1. you use a reqular hiqhliqhter like this prob a stupid question but how u do tht?

  2. no question is stupid.. i use a regular matte highlighter. :) i take it along the brim of my lip for a more precise appearance