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The Manicure Party: a Beautiful Experience

By: Jackie Clark

When life comes at you, hurling its hardest trials your way, it is best not to be alone. Reach out to those around you. There is always someone you can trust to walk beside you, whether you are facing divorce, the death of someone dear or an illness. The beautiful thing about each other is, each other!

If you are a woman facing
mesothelioma cancer and it's treatment, then you will need a focus to help carry you through the difficult days. Most women want to feel beautiful and vibrant, and health challenged women are no different! Be sure to keep a few colorful outfits in your closet to choose from and consider the joys of a great manicure to help keep you relaxed and feeling fabulously confident.

Imagine the whole experience as you walk through the doors and are greeted warmly. You pick out a polish color and are then directed to the station where you will have your manicure done. Think about the simple pleasures of the room you are in. At every station, ladies are chattering happily with their manicurist, speaking of their children and their lives, smiling and laughing. Hands and and arms are being massaged and lovely polish colors are being applied. Women are serving one another and it is a good place to be!

Consider the polish colors you have tried in the past and plan on trying something new on your next visit--maybe a deep crimson or a mango shade? Any color that will help you to feel powerful while you are going through your healing process is a great choice. You could even make it an event or a party! Gather all the amazing women in your life together for a beauty celebration. Start with wine and cheese at a friend's home. Then, dressed in stunning outfits, all the ladies can head to the nail salon for some well deserved pampering.

Stay in the moment as you enjoy your beauty day. Meditate on feeling joyful and content, even in the midst of illness. Focus on each woman in the room, who has come to your party and be thankful for what each one means to you. Some friends encourage our hearts with their wise words and great strength, others make us laugh and always have a story to tell! Compliment one another on your manicures and discuss what your polish colors say about who you are.

End your day with a sumptuous candlelit meal, meaningful conversation and plenty of hugs. Above all, make beauty days a part of your life and not a one-time event. While healing from cancer, it is important to care for yourself and to feel beautiful!

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