Im one of those girls who has 12 hour days leaving from my real job to a gig, from my day job to the radio show or to an interview I don't always have time to do a fresh face of make-up & hair i just need to move along to the Next location.

I'll rundown what's in my emergency this is not my make-up bag this is a few essential of things I may need to prep for a next location on the go.

I have a charger lol I cant be stranded anywhere.

I have anti frizz spray for my hair

A carols daughter hair serum,

Headphones in case I need to listen to something to prep myself for what I'm going to

Fingernail file

I have a matte red lip, & a bright fun color

Everyday blush,

Matte loose powder in case I look oily

Hair pins and ponytail holders





Comb brush,

Earring a ring and a necklace

Burberry perfume

If you guys have twitter please twit pic me your emergency bag or party kit @compincbeauty or @peppercompinc

If you have instagram @downtownpepper so I can see your emergency bag use hash tag #emergencybag :) #partykit

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