I am a sucker for very few things outside of FOOD and SEX and the City, but when it comes to nail polish I swear I have at least a hundred and some change. Collecting nail polish and anything "cutesy" is my calling in life lol. I am always looking for the newest colors and brands that people tend to pay no attention too. While I don't discriminate I tend to be a fan of mostly O.P.I, Essie and this other brand I just discovered we carry at my job Bloomies. (I'll be posting pics of those later on in the week. They even have one called MARY J.BLIGE!!!) But anyway this weekend I found myself in the pharmacy racking up on a few necessities and this month's magazines, I was so close to the register and then these L'Oreal polishes caught my eye. This was the first time I had seen this brands polish and they were so beautiful. I had never tried them before so I said why not and apparently I wasn't the only one because they seemed to be completely SOLD OUT! They were also reasonably priced at $6.49 per bottle which was not bad compared to what I'm use to spending for some polish. Yes the colors I chose are bright but that's because I'm always thinking ahead, the way this weather is acting spring is literally right around the corner so those will be in my stash (I'm secretly a hoarder as well). But I did go home and try "Greyt Expectations," and I absolutely LOVEEEE it. Its so vibrant and rich. I even tried it without a clear coat on top and it still had that shine and freshly polished look. With that said I think I will be trying a few more colors from this line and I think you should too. So run out to your local Duane Reade or CVS and tell us what you think...(get the Jet Set to Paris...its HAWTTTT!)

Boozy Brunch, Jet Set to Paris, and Greyt Expectations. $6.49 each

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