I love this look! In the photo above the crease contour can be created with a matte
brown eyeshadow mixed with a little taupe and a tapered crease brush.
Lala's brows and contouring 2 thumbs up!!!
The bright fuchsia lip can be created with pinks from various brands but must be matte.
example: schiap Nars, obsessed Stila and pink nuevo Mac,.
Dont forget the gold liquid liner on the lower lid. :)
The lashes can be done with lashes that flare out like a wing at the end like these:
More photos of my muse:

From the hair to make-up and style as i said plenty of times
Lala can do no wrong in my eyes.
She is extremely business savvy and family oriented which makes her more beautiful.

Share with me who's your muse ?

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