So I pick up this month's Teen Vogue on Friday and what do I see, JASON WU IS DESIGNING FOR TARGET!!!! YESSSSS. I know, I know you can hardly contain yourself. From the White House to the white and red aisles of Target, designer Jason Wu brings us fashionistas a line that is both affordable yet stylish and reminiscent of the pieces that has graced our First Lady Miss Michelle Obama. With an ode to "an American girl in Paris," Wu is scheduled to debut his Target Collection on February 5th. So while men everywhere are watching the Superbowl , throwing back beers, their wives and girlfriends will be running head first to bust open the doors of Target to get their hands on some Jason Wu. This limited edition line will carry everything from dresses to scarves and handbags, with everything being less than 60 BUCKSSSSS! This is a total steal and these pieces are absolutely amazing. Everything just looks so chic and timeless and like previous designer/Target collaborations such as Alexander McQueen and Missoni to name a few, Jason Wu is sure to be a hit. But as quickly as my excitement built up I was instantly upset because the line will be pulled from stores on March 6 giving us ladies only ONE MONTH to scoop up all our goodies. I have my eye on a few pieces that must be apart of my wardrobe for the spring. I know where I'll be February you???

(its not officially on but Google it, and tell us what you think. Yay or nay?? Here's a few sneak-peeks from the stylebook.)

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