Hi honeys! I really, honestly thought that this project was going to be longer! I'm going to do it one more day and post up results.

First, I took a shower and exfoliated because if you tan dead skin cells, your tan's going to fade in a second! So I dried up completely. I used
the Clarins gel and started at my face rubbing in even strokes, avoiding my eyebrows and hairline. Then I moved on down to my neck and my shoulders. After my shoulders I massaged the gel into my arms, then my chest and abdomen. From there, I rubbed the gel evenly from my thighs to my calves in even strokes. I let myself dry a couple minutes (really fast!) and fell asleep. So here are the pictures I took:

What do you guys think??? Stay posted for more results!!!

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  1. netty your arms are so pale they almost look like mine !!!! lol anywhoo it looks good thus far :)