Today An Outrageous amount of Bloggers
& Fans who follow Lauren Luke on twitter
attended her event for the Soft Opening of 5 Time square
They Got the chance to do one on one interviews
purchase her palettes which launched in its new home Sephora
at this event they had the opportunity to win a dinner for 2 with Lauren Luke
and some even got the chance to win a 500 dollar gift card.
also 14 of her fans had there names drawn in raffle
they will compete tomorrow to recreate a look she unveils tomorrow
the winner will receive a 500 dollar gift card along with a pink sony viao
and more !!! good luck

it is always a pleasure to see Lauren she is one of the most humble mua's
i have met yet !!!
Check out her competition tomorrow
where fans will be competing at the new 5 time square
they will be taking over the WHOLE ENTIRE Duffy square
to launch this new store and i cant wait!!!!
Guest Appearances along with giveaways and free Sephora petty cabs =)

Signed Downtown Pepper

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