If there's anything Pep and I are obsessed about it's SKINCARE! We ♥ skincare! I keep finding new things from Avon that I like. I'm sure you've all heard of Mark products, they're products from Avon, mostly geared towards us youngsters, and they have some great stuff. Their skincare line totally caught my eye!

It's not a very big skincare line but what they have is cool. They have two cleansers, one for dry skin and the other for combination/normal skin. They have three moisturizers, but the one that caught my eye was the for goodness face antioxidant skin moisturizing lotion SPF 30. The blueberry, chocolate, and lemon extracts protect the skin from everyday pollutants and you can NEVER go wrong with an SPF 30! Mark also has a mist that's supposed to tone and refresh the skin.

What I like about this stuff is that a lot of it has natural ingredients, they don't rely on chemicals that a lot of clinical brands do rely on. I especially love the price point, everything is $15 and under. Skincare is on the most part expensive and these prices you just can't pass up! So take a look!

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  1. hmm antioxidants? Can't be bad...just might have to give it a try!