Here you thought they didn't exist! I find that bronzers are a beauty must during the summer. Everyone wants to be beautiful and glowing, enhancing their tans and even faking their tans, but summer equals heat, heat equals sweat, and sweat equals makeup meltdown! So what is there to remedy this??? WATERPROOF bronzers, that's what! At first, I thought there was only one, the Hourglass Supernatural Waterproof bronzer that retails at $45 but you know me, I'm always looking for a better deal and I found one! It's called the Get Wet Waterproof Bronzer by IT cosmetics. What I like about this bronzer is that it comes with, not just one, but two, highlighters, to shape and sculpt and make you glow! So take a look at it. It costs $32 and you can use it all over your body as well.

Hourglass Supernatural Waterproof Bronzer

It Cosmetics Get Wet Waterproof Bronzer

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