So what does toner do? Toner/astringent/refreshers help balance your pH levels. Why do you want balanced pH levels? Because you want the oil on your skin to be absorbed, you want your pores to shrink after cleansing to avoid clogging them up with crap (moisturizer, makeup, and whatever else lands on your face) that can lead to more breakouts. They resurface your skin cells which leads to beautiful glowing skin and who doesn't want beautiful glowing skin? Toners also deep clean pores, so whatever you might've missed cleansing, you're sure to get with a toner. I'm also using an Oil of Olay toner/astringent and it's getting all those mischievous little spots on my face. So that's wtf toners do.

Good Toners:
1) Caudalie: Beauty Elixir
2) Ole Henriksen: African Red Tea Face Mist
3) Oil of Olay: Refreshing Toner

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