Hello lovely ladies and gentlemen! If you haven't already noticed, Pep is letting me, Elba, contribute to the Composition Inc blog! I am very grateful to her and to you guys for reading the blogs! Please let us know what you think! WE ♥ your feedback!!!

So, if you haven't already noticed, I am very pasty. Usually I don't have an issue with my complexion but from June-August, I always want to be tan!!!! This is very hard to achieve, seeing as how, I'm pasty. I burn very easily. This summer, however, I have decided to try a self tanner. A couple months ago I tried Sevin Nyne and I was VERY disappointed. I took a shower after my blotchy tan developed and guess what? The soles of my feet were brown. So, I do a lot of research and came across Clarins' Instant Self Tanning Gel. This product comes HIGHLY recommended, so I'm going to use it and blog about it right here for you guys to follow! It costs 32 bucks! I'm really excited!!! Goodbye pasty whiteness, hellloooo bronzed goddess!

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