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Ahhh, something we have all been waiting for 91,257 feet& four floors of chic HEAVEN. Forever 21 has definitely stepped its game up, and what more could we have possibly asked for?
Located in times square, the new forever 21 has taken all the local fashionistas & even some curious bystanders by Storm . The new store opened its doors to the public on Friday June 25th and offered 200 dollar gift cards for the 1st thousand people to get there ! Aside from gift cards, they offered free manicures & photoshoots all day long , an amazing way to celebrate the biggest single brand retail store in Manhattan ! With 32 registers & 151 dressing rooms , shopping will most likely be less of a hassle and more enjoyable with the breath taking sceneries from a real taxi cab to a princess's dresser - there's no doubt that you would absolutely fall in love with this place . Although, I couldn't make the grand opening Friday , I slaved my way through the scorching sun today & it was definitely worth it ! The staff were very very helpful , at your side within seconds and security at every corner so don't even consider any 5 finger discounts ladies, ( you should never anyways !) I also observed that they had a lot of items that was online in the store which is GREAT ! Unfortunately, I was unable to take pictures of the store, which really sucks and another down side is that the number of people that visit the store can make your trip sort of stressful but who's to blame them? To sum this up my review of the Forever 21 is four & a half stars and I suggest you dolls & stud muffins head over there as soon as you've got a chance ! ;)

By: jashana

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