Okay, so you've heard probably read on my twitter the MANY times, I've mentioned SUGARPILL eyeshadows. I've even mentioned it right here on the blog: see here. Well, I FINALLY placed my ORDER and then my order came and I couldn't be happier!!! I got 2 of the Addicted to Pretty eyeshadow palettes for $34 each! I feel like this is a deal because each eyeshadow costs $12 on it's own and there are only 9. So I got 8 of the eyeshadows for $68 and if I decided to buy the one I'm missing on it's own, I'll have spent $80. Don't judge me, I'm broke right now! Either way, the eyeshadows are a GREAT buy. The quality is insane and like I mentioned on the On My Radar blog, I'm a sucker for the packaging! Once I run out, I'll definitely BUY AGAIN! I hope Amy comes out with more products--just imagine the insanely pigmented lipsticks and lipgloss that might exist!!! *DIES*

Anywho here are a couple of pictures:

YUHHHH. They're AMAZING! I love that Amy's such a sweet and wrote thanks on the receipt! ^_^

Didn't I say the packaging is to die for???! Well it is! I  it! *swoons*

Here's a look I did:

You guys should really get on this and get it! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BRAND!


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  1. Hi Elba!! I just wanted to thank you sooo much for using Sugarpill at your makeover event. I actually received an unusually high number of orders from the Brooklyn area today! So awesome! Anyway, I would really love to send you the Bulletproof eyeshadow to complete your collection. I still have your shipping info on file and wanted to ask if your address remains the same. Thanks darling! :-)

    amy @ sugarpill . net

  2. I received my Sugarpill package today from Lovemakeup.co.uk, Wanted the sweetheart&burning heart palette but e burning heart was outta stock so grabbed e sweetheart&4single eyeshadows instead,am yet to review them next few days love e colours