This is a sensitive subject
that alot of women dont like touching on!
but i have to write about this considering the summer time is approaching
if you have a little hair there dont be ashamed
that photo about is Madonna!

If you are waxing or threading that area of your face
Please double up on the SPF
the sun is what causes that area of your face to get darker!
we all witness women with a little dark hue above there lip
that is from not protecting that area of your face!
when you wax that area you make it extremely sensitive to sun!
so it causes it to get darker
you should wear spf all year round! but during the summertime is when you want to lather it up
this is just to let you guys know
This excludes no nationality im hearing more & more
black women say that they dont need SPF
Which is definitely a myth
All though we take longer to Burn
any human being can be affected by sun damage
a uneven skin tone
Dont Be ashamed be aware!
Protect all parts of your skin!

-Downtown Pepper

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