Part of the Makeup Artist Job is: HYGIENE! No one wants anyone to place dirty products on their face that can lead to acne, pink eye, and name it! It is IMPERATIVE that you CLEAN your utensils. I don't mean spray your brushes with a brush cleaner, but actually get in there and wash the bristles, like you would your hair. Everytime I have a job, I make sure to wash my brushes as soon as I get home. My own personal brushes I clean weekly because they're only touching my face. Until I buy the Parian Spirit Brush cleaner that comes with its own little jar to rub the gross-ness away, I will continue washing my brushes like this: (Remember click on the picture to make it bigger!)


{{EDIT}} After two comments from two VERY observant readers I'd like to tweak my post a bit. Thanks again guys!

First off, what I like to do when I wash my brushes this way (because I have other ways of cleaning my brushes as well) is that I like to fill up the water to a lower level so that the ferrule (the metal part that holds the bristles on the brush together) isn't immersed in the water, as this will cause rusting and will loosen glue.

Secondly, I change the water everytime I dip in a new brush as this will cause all the gunk from the previously washed brush to swirl into the bristles of the new brush you're washing, which means--not a very clean brush.

The reason this post has the water filled up to a high level was so that the water was visible in the picture! I apologize if this caused any confusion and for not explaining this process more thoroughly! 

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  1. this is not a good way to clean your brushes. The soaking is going to make it rust easy and it isnt getting clean swishing all the brushes in water. try paper towel and brush cleaner with back and forth motions.

  2. This will damage your brushes. Letting the water get past the metal part that holds the brush hairs will loosen the glue

  3. Thanks for the tips.

    1) I change the water every time I dip in a new brush.

    2) Usually I have the water at a lower level as to not get past the ferrule but I filled it up all the way so the water was visible in the picture.

    I'll be sure to mention it in the blog so people don't get the wrong idea! :D