Today i attended for the very first time, a makeover event at a chic boutique called paperdoll, located at 104 bond st. When i first arrived i wasn't sure if i was gonna get a makeover, but in the end i decided to. Because I've never been to one of these events i came with my makeup already on....So i went up, met the makeup artist Pepper and her glam squad. During the process i was nervous ...(had me eyes closed). Finally i was finished ...The end look ...very cute i was bronzed, highlighted, my eyes were glimmering from the shadow and she topped it off with a red lip. Then came the picture, I got some pics taken and enjoyed the rest of the event with my new look. Everyone was complimenting me on it because it looked so good...thanx Pepper...The event went on to be a blast there was cupcakes and mimosas ....and a raffle which i won ..(go me go me) In it was a Miss Dior Cherie perfume,Kim Kardashian perfume roll on , Leslie Blodgett perfume,facial cleansing oil by Nude, Ren rescue balm ,lip gloss from HnM ,nail polish by Opi (Teal we meet again) lol, mascara by Dior ,chic print nail art by Sephora Opi ,eye shadow from Givenchy (couture brown), and a gift certificate from Paperdoll ...Id say i really got lucky i had a great time cupcakes mimosas and all the goodies from my gift bag...i cant wait till the next event ...xoxo Jada

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