I Took Time Out Personally
To find out what some of our online favorite faces
wear as far as make-up. i think its pretty cool to see what
make-up people use, what kind of brands they are into because it is a product suggestion for our selves as well. the make up listed below is there day make-up what they have handy when its time to add some sparkle to there face
check it out!
-Downtown Pepper

Tokyo Diiva

Mac Studio Fix
Mac Concealer
Rickys face paint
Duo eyelash adhesive ( for rhinestones)
paint brush
Porstar Pink Lipstick (rickys)
Glitter (rickys)
Cheap aass liquid eyeliner thats kunt
Alexander Mcqueen Gold Mac Bronzer
Magic ;)


1. Benifit Tinted moisturizer
2. Benifit Erase paste concealer
3. Mac Mineralize skin finish GOLD DEPOSIT
4. Mac studio fix lash masacra
5. Wet n Wild waterproof eye liner black
6. Mac lustre FRESH BREW lipstick (nude)
7. Elf Clear lipgloss

Mrs Pinky Ivory (Pinky)

Lashblast Mascara, Revlon colorstay eyeliner, sheseido eyelash curler, maybelline colorsensational "make me pink" & Revlon colorstay eye concealor ;)

Amber Alexander Of Beauty & The Street
like to keep things simple since my skin is very sensitive. Today I am using ..
1. Everyday Minerals eye shadow 'comfy'
2. Stila dual cream compact 'camelia'
3. Body Shop blush '03'
4. Maybelline moisture extreme lip liner 'mauve'
5. N.Y.C liquid eye liner 'jet black'
6. Too Faced shadow insurance
7. Burts Bees lip balm 'pomegranate'
8. Estee Lauder Pure color lipstick 'pink parfait'
9. M.A.C cream sheen lipstick 'cream d'nude'
10. M.A.C lustre lipstick 'fresh brew'
(I carry different lipsticks incase I want to switch colors during the day)
11. RAW minerals kabuki brush
12. Eco tools brush
I didn't need them but I bring them everywhere
13. Miss Sixty Perfume

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