This is new to the U.S but has been available in Germany.
here are some new products for you guys to check out !
Gleam Cream A lightweight cream that lifts and highlights wherever it's applied and is suitable for face and body Use the Gleam Cream on its own or mix with foundation for an immediate skin brightening effect that will illuminate the night.

4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette
A highly pigmented, metallic cream.This palette features all four cult Illamasqua Liquid Metal shades. Each Liquid Metal is amazingly rich and highly pigmented, giving you the power to dazzle and delight at will—now is your time to shine!Palette includes Liquid Metal shades in Enrapture (metallic copper), Surge (metallic steel), Phenomenon (metallic silver), and Solstice (metallic gold)
-Downtown Pepper

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