Hey Dolls, 
Here's A Do it Yourself Project on how to make a chic BOHEMIAN headband  


- Raw Hide
- Scissors
- A Variety of cool looking beads
- Neon Tape
- Feathers
- Tape Measure

STEP 1 - Grab the Tape Measure & measure around your head , so you can determine how long you want your rawhide

STEP 2 - Once that's done, Braid the raw hide. Tape it on to a table or whatever your working on, so it won't move as your working . Also, as your braiding you can those cool beads !

STEP 3 - After your done braiding  , make sure you have a firm knot at the end of each side

STEP 4 - Gather the amount of feathers you want on your raw hide, you can also add beads to these too.

STEP 5-  Tape the feathers to the ends of the raw hide.

STEP 6 - VOILA , you have your breathtaking Bohemian inspired headband, made by YOU easy right?!

xoxo Jahshana the Teen Stylista 
(sources: PSIMADETHIS.com)

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