This is my current scrub, i'm in love with this particular, i'm in love it brightens my complexion,it helps to take of the dead skin easily. People may think its a little bit harsh because it is grainy but its not,its gentle enough to use 2 times a week i even use it 3 times a week when my skin is extra oily.Nothing heightens the skin's natural metabolic processes better than this densely textured, smooth gliding, and terrifically energizing face scrub.Activated with water,it foams up to scour away dead, tired skin cells,while literally vacuuming up impurities.Excellent for all skin types.ladies check it out its a reasonable price only 24.00 bucks it gets 4 pep stars.
-Downtown Pepper

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  1. Ole Henriksen face/skin products are amazing! I'm absolutely obsessed with the moisturizers. They are well worth purchasing.