This weekend i had to do make-up for proms back to back!
i love doing prom make-up
i love being apart of that special moment
and adding as much input as i can to complete the look
and add the final touches on the outfit!

The First prom was for Britney
Shes closer to the bottom of the pictures
she was going for something natural,
so i did lots of highlighting on the skin and gave her a nice dewy glow
for eyeshadows i kept it simple rose gold eyeshadow from mac and matte brow in the crease
matte white on the brow bone & Flared out those lashes i did a very natural band lash!
and a nude lipstick from Givenchy!

Second look was for Karisma i did her 8th grade prom and now highschool so it was special
she was wearing all black and leopard pumps so she wanted a leopard print eyeshadow
they both where pleased!

-Downtown Pepper!

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